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What is the difference between "Client" and "Partner" accounts

In this article, we will outline the difference between a "Client" and "Partner" account.

When you get started with Wakeupdata, your account type will be by default a  "Client" account. This means that you will be able to start creating projects right away, however, you will not be able to assign multiple accounts and manage them in one place. For that, you will need to transform your account into a "Partner".

Let's exemplify
, to make this easier to understand which type of account suits your needs. 

Client accounts: If you are the end-user of the Wakeupdata platform, a "Client" account is sufficient to create projects and you have access to all features available through your plan.

However, if you are an agency that wishes to manage multiple "Client" accounts, you will need a "Partner" account. 

Partner accounts: If you are an agency and you have multiple clients, you can have them assigned to a Partner account, making it easier to keep things organized.

Please refer to our articles about "Client" and "Partner" dashboards for more details.