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How can Wakeupdata help you?

Here is a (brief) explanation of what we do and how can Wakeupdata help you.

From speaking with hundreds of digital marketing professionals, we’ve learned that product data feeds are often described as that silent cousin that doesn’t show up to family reunions, but it is an important part of the family. 

Product data feeds are described as complex, confusing, time-consuming and expensive to maintain. That’s why we at Wakeupdata created a tool that:

  • Automates product data management processes.
  • Helps you optimize, enrich and maintain top-notch product data feeds.
  • Keeps you updated with industry best practices and provides you with stellar customer support.

How does this happen? What are product data feeds and why are they becoming more important in the modern digital marketing landscape?


We are a proud Danish company, and we’ll use a very Danish analogy to help you understand what we do. Let’s imagine we have a big LEGO set with plenty of pieces of different shapes and styles.

legoWe can start small and build a basic piece like a house, a car maybe? But, what if we take all the different pieces and build a spaceship? Wouldn’t that be more fun?

Certainly, it is possible, but we would need more time, pieces of different shapes and colors and some guidance on how to build that spaceship. It would be a more complex process.

If we take this analogy and think of your product data as pieces of LEGO, we will go through the same process. We have our pieces of data (i.e. product color, size, title, link, etc.) and we want to send our data to different sales channels or marketplaces (i.e. Google, Facebook, Amazon). We can start by creating a basic setup that would get us going, but the ultimate goal would be to create a spaceship and conquer the e-commerce universe, right?


data piecesHere is where Wakeupdata can be your best friend. We help you collect the right pieces of data, add more if we don’t have enough and guide you through the process of creating and maintaining the best possible product data feeds, saving you time and resources so you can focus on your job - to drive a successful business. 

Doesn’t sound that complex anymore, right? Because it shouldn’t be, and we are here to make sure that you have the right data, at the right time, in the right place.

No need to be a tech genius, no need for coding - we keep it as simple as possible...unless you want to be challenged!