Where can I find my source feed url? 

Learn how and where to find the source feed of your projects in WakeupData Connect.

The source feed is what provides our platform with your product data. Once your project is running, something might happen, that makes you want to check the source of your data, whether something has changed or needs updating. 

To find the source of your data, from the project overview click ‘Edit Project’ (1).
Usually the first import step is the main source of your data, click ‘More options’ (2) -> ‘Edit data source’ (3)


This is where you find the source of your product feed. This is the URL that provides your data to WakeupData Connect (1), that you can then optimize and send to different channels or link to WakeupData Actions.  


Keep in mind that if you make changes to your source data, or if this URL somehow changes in your end, you must be aware that it has to be updated here as well. 

So, if you notice any mistakes or malfunctions in your project, it is worth checking your source data, to see if there have been any changes. 

If you have any questions about your source feed or any other part of the WakeupData platform, feel free to reach out to the support team. We are here to help.