What to do when your project fails to update?

In this article, we will describe what happens when your import fails to update and how to address the potential issues.

Product data feeds are dynamic, which means there will always be changes or updates to the information you will import to the Wakeupdata platform and export to sales channels (i.e. Google/Facebook). 

The dynamic nature of the product feeds can cause them to fail on certain occasions, which can cause confusion and an unpleasant experience for the customers - your ads will display incorrect information. 

If your product data feed fails to update you will see a notification in your dashboard and our system will automatically use the latest successful import as a safety net, to make sure your ads are still up and running. Nonetheless, please take immediate action to fix the failed import.

Here are some reasons why your import might fail:

- The file you are importing was changed or altered in a way that makes its structure "unreadable" (i.e. the XML structure of the feed ). Please make sure you follow the guidelines for the correct XML/CSV/JSON/TXT file structure.

- The file you are importing does not exist anymore, it was changed or removed. For example, if you import a feed from an FTP, make sure the file is available through the path you've set it up.

- The file you are importing is restricted to a certain IP address

- The file you are importing is restricted through password

- The file you are importing failed to update due to an internal error, therefore Wakeupdata does not receive any information.

- In case of a crawl/scrape, any changes to the structure of the website will cause issues with the data we are crawling. Please inform your Customer Success Manager of any changes to your website.

How to address the issues:

We highly recommend that you have the contact details of a person that is managing the webshop and has control over the product data feeds. If your import fails, please get in touch with the customer and learn if there are any changes/updates you should be aware of and which could be causing the product feed to fail.

If you have further questions, please get in touch with our support team at support@wakeupdata.com.