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What is WakeupData's CSS offering?

We are a Comparison Shopping Service partner that can save 20-25% on your ads on Google Shopping, for a simple monthly fee, with no hidden charges.

Comparison Shopping Partners are certified CSSs that have completed in-depth training to help businesses make the most of Google Shopping Ads. 

WakeupData are a Danish Google CSS Partner, and have been selected for this program due to the team’s in-depth knowledge of technical setups and product feed campaign management.

Our CSS Services are new helping clients in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Austria and the UK.


Why should I join WakeupData's CSS network?

As a Google Certified Comparison Shopping Service, WakeupData is uniquely placed to help agencies throughout Europe, by optimizing campaigns using powerful data feed management and optimization strategies to ensure you save on Google shopping and have maximum ROI.

As a Comparison Shopping Partner, WakeupData is uniquely placed to help agencies save on Google Shopping, by optimizing campaigns using powerful data feed management and optimization strategies to ensure maximum ROI.


We understand everyone has a different Google Shopping Ads-spend, therefore we have decided to ensure our pricing is tailored to each client.

Our pricing model is based on a monthly fixed fee, ensuring you save time and that there are no hidden fees appear on your invoice every month. Contact us today to so we can give you a  quote.