Optimized images does not show on channels

If you experience images modified with the WakeupData engine not coming through on a channel, this is how to investigate it

  • First make sure you have enough credits and traffic.
  • Test an image from the channel export to validate all is okay.
  • Ensure that the changes done to the images are reflected in the channel export and that it has been fetched correctly by the channel after the data was updated in the channel.
  • Make sure the channel is cached, since it sometimes can give issues for larger feeds.
  • Check the amount of tokens and traffic you have left and write down the numbers.
  • If all the above is working and a decent amount of hours have passed since the latest feed was properly loaded into the channel, you can try and modify the image a bit since that will generate a new URL that tells the channel that you would like them to download the image again. This will also cost image transformations credits.

Remember just because you update an image does not mean it will be fetched immediately after by the channel. They download them in bulk at different intervals depending on their internal queues and if you do not modify the image they will cache them and just reuse those already fetched. Google and Facebook for example stores them in 6 to 8 weeks before fetching again, if the URL hasn't changed.

If you experienced missing transformations and traffic, we will have sent the original image you used to the channel on the URL, and therefore they will cache it. In those cases you have to make sure to have enough transformations and traffic available and then make a change to the image for it to be re-fetched. And remember to have some patience, the channels won't just fetch them all the second you update them.


If this guide did not help you solve the problem, feel free to reach out to your Customer Success Manager or contact us on support@wakeupdata.com.