How to visualize the imported data

In this article, we will guide you through the process of visualizing the imported data and outline how to take advantage of the feature.

By checking the data you are importing you will have a sense of the product information you have available and that will save you time when you will start optimizing the data for different sales channels. Think of it as a snapshot of "before" and "after".

There are 3 different ways to visualize the data you have imported:

Download the product data feed as an excel file

By downloading the feed in an excel file, you will quickly have an overview of all the product attributes and values available in your import. Here is how to download your import as an excel file:

Note: on files bigger than 50.000 SKUs the excel file will be cut.

Use stored data feature to visualize individual products

By using the stored data feature you can look for a specific product id and have an overview of all the attributes and values for that specific product. Here is how it works:


Use data analyzer feature to get an overview of a specific attribute

By using the data analyzer feature, you will be able to get more context and insight for a specific attribute in the import. Let's take an example:

You wish to have an overview of all your items product titles. By using the data analyzer feature, you will be able to get an overview of:

- Total number of products
- Unique values
- Duplicated values
- Empty values
- Shortest value
- Longest value

Once you have an overview, you will be better informed about certain areas for improvement or identify problem areas that need further investigation. Here is how it works: