How to use Image Transformation in WakeupData Connect

In this article you will learn to create and use image templates to make sure you catch your customers' attention with your product images when advertising on social media.


NOTE: Before you start, please ask your customer success manager to enable image transformations on your channel. 

Creating an image template

To get started, go to your project, click “Image Templates” (1), then click “Create new template” (2)

Within the template settings you can change the “template name”, “padding”, “width”, “height”, “background”, “field” and additional “expressions” if needed.

Once you’re happy with the template settings you can start adding layers. 

You can add several “border”, “text”, “image” or “box” layers to your template. Each of these layers have their own settings where you can adjust your design.

Borders are great for highlighting products. Once a border layer is added you can adjust the border width, color and set up when it should show up on your images.

Text layers are useful for adding information to your images, such as discount numbers, limited edition highlights or size specifications. After adding a text layer several settings can be modified. 

Besides styling your text with colors, fonts and positioning you can set up the source of the text copy as well. You can set up a static value, by typing in your own content or you can select a field from your product feed and use that. 

In this example we have added the price of the product to the image template.


Additional image layers are useful for adding logos or close-up images of product details to your product images. After selecting and uploading your image you can adjust its position, size as well as when it should show up.

In this example we have added a product rating image. 

Boxes are great for adding backgrounds to your text layers. Similarly to the other layers, box layers have the following settings options: color, size, position and when it should show up on your images. 

When it comes to efficient image transformations, you and your creativity is the limitation.

If you have any questions about Image Transformation and Templates or other parts of the WakeupData Connect platform, feel free to use the in-app chat or reach out to our support team on 

Stay efficient.