How to link Connect and Actions in WakeupData Connect

In this article, we will take you through the process of enabling WakeupData Actions in your WakeupData Connect account.

What is WakeupData Actions?

WakeupData Actions is an additional platform that will analyze your product data and give you a prioritized list of actions that can improve your data quality. 

Additional tools in WakeupData Actions count ability to manually change data on a product level, monitor competitor prices and run dynamic Google Text Ads based on your product feed (BETA).
You will be able to send back the changes from WakeupData Actions to Wakeup Connect - to enrich and strengthen your feed management even further.

Enabling Actions in WakeupData Connect

Navigate to your project and click “Actions” (1). Then click “Enable WakeupData Actions on this project” (2) to get started.

To give you the best improvement suggestions for your feed, we ask you to fill in the “Industry”, “Country”, “Time zone”, “Currency” and “Language” of your project.

Mapping your data fields

To get the best results from using WakeupData Actions (read better ROI, ROAS and/or CTR on your ads) it is important that you map as many fields as possible. At least the six Essential fields must be mapped to get started.

Click a field on the left hand side (1), then click “Insert text” or “Insert field” (2).
If you choose to insert a field you will be able to select a field from the drop down (3). At this point you can also add modifications to your data if you require to do so.(4)

When you are done, simply click “Save” (5) - and continue with the rest of the fields (or as many as you can) from the list on the left hand side.


TIP: If you for example want to use WakeupData Actions on your Google Shopping feed we recommend that you first optimize your data via Field Conversions, then map the correct fields to your Google Shopping channel before mapping the fields to WakeupData Actions.

When you have finished your field mappings you should have a number of blue fields in the list, like this:

Starting the Sync 

When you have all your fields mapped you are ready to turn on the synchronization between WakeupData Connect and WakeupData Actions. 

Click “Not in sync mode” to activate the sync. 

Now your product data will be synced with WakeupData Actions and you will start seeing optimization suggestions on your channel overview.

TIP: If you later need to map additional fields, you will have to stop the sync before adding them. When you are done re-enable the sync mode.  

Additional features with WakeupData Actions

When you have mapped your fields and started the sync, you are ready to choose which features from WakeupData Actions you want to bring back into WakeupData Connect.

From the “Improved data” tab you can select which WakeupData Actions features you want to activate and also set their settings if applicable: 

Optimize individual fields

Edit or fill in missing product texts and pass the data back to WakeupData Connect.

TIP: If you spot a spelling error or are missing vital information in a product title or description, you can fix it in Actions without having access to the eCommerce platform or PIM that supplies the product data.

New products

Returns a value indicating if the product has been added in the last [x] days. You set the number of days.

TIP: Use this information to add certain image transformation templates with a "NEW" sticker/graphic to highlight new products in your shop.  

Variant stock quantity info

Returns two fields with information about how many variants of an item group are in stock and out of stock.

TIP: You can use this information in WakeupData Connect to calculate % of sizes that are in stock, and create filters and/or rules based on the result.  E.g.: Exclude if variant stock is less than 30%. 

Product price range in brand

Returns price range for the product within the brand (low, medium or high).

TIP: Use the information by adding to custom labels and change your bid strategy based on high/low priced products.


Product price range in category

Returns price range for the products within the category (low, medium or high).

TIP: Use the information by adding to custom labels and change your bid strategy based on high/low priced products. 


Price change
Returns a price field with previous price, if the price was lowered in the last [X] days, to indicate if it is on sale/offer. (Useful for shops that do not have a sales price feature within their platform)


Competitor pricing
Returns a set of fields with information about how your price compares to competitors' prices, set up and managed in WakeupData Actions.
TIP: Use the competitor prices to avoid bidding on products where you are significantly more expensive than your competitors or to increase bidding on products where you are cheaper. 

If you are having any problems or questions regarding WakeupData Actions, please contact our customer success team on the in-app chat or create a ticket by emailing