How to cancel your WakeupData Connect subscription

How to cancel your subscription, how long your notice period is and how the cancellation procedure works.

We are sad to see you are considering cancelling your WakeupData subscription - if there is anything we can do to improve your experience or help you get more out of your subscription please get in touch with your Customer Success Manager. 

Should you want to cancel or downgrade your contractual or partnership agreement with WakeupData, you are required to provide us with a months’ notice by filling out our cancellation form

That means your one month notice period will begin when the next subscription month starts. So if your current subscription month runs from 6th March to 5th April and you cancel or downgrade on 8th March, your one month notice will start from the 5th April. You will have to pay from 5th March to 5th of May, while still having access to the platform till the last day.