How to cache a channel feed or rebuild a cached feed

Learn about caching large channel feeds and how to rebuild the cached file after making changes to your channel. 

Feed Cache

When a channel has more than 10,000 SKUs, caching will automatically be enabled. This means a static file of your feed will be available for quicker download.
It also means that any changes you make to that feed; field mappings, adding new fields, deleting fields, changing delimiters in a CSV feed etc. will not immediately take effect. 

You can either wait for the next scheduled run or manually rebuild the cached feed, to make the changes take effect.

To see if your channel is being cached go to your channel overview. 


Activate or Rebuild Cache

From the ‘Caching’ box on your channel overview, click ‘Details’ (1). If needed, activate caching (2). When you have made changes to your feed and want those changes to take effect immediately, click the ‘Rebuild’ (3) button.  


Rebuilding the cached file can take up to a few minutes, depending on your feed size, so be patient and refresh the page a few times.
When the rebuild is done, you will see how long the build took (1) and when the cache file was last generated (2).