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  2. Exporting your product data to different channels

How to create a channel export with WakeupData

WakeupData offers pre-made templates for hundreds of export channels. Find out how to create an export in minutes.

  1. In the Import Overview, select the import for which you'd like to create an export and click new export.
  2. You'll then be taken to a page with a list of each export available in the WakeupData platform. 

    Use the tabs at the top of the page to narrow your search and navigate between:

    • Channel templates (e.g. Google Merchant Center, Amazon, Facebook Dynamic Ads) 
    • Custom feeds (csv or xml on a url)
    • Special (e.g. xml to ftp, csv on email)

    Select the option for which export you would like to create. 

  3. For each new export, you'll have the option to choose a custom name to allow for easy identification in future, before selecting Create Export. 


  4. For channel exports, you'll now find a fields list with all the neccessary attributes for a well optimized feed. Use the tabs at the top to scroll between required, important and other fields (optional).

    The more data you choose to fill in at this stage, the more complete your feed export will be and the higher the likelihood will be of attracting the right customers and boosting conversions.

    You'll notice that some of the fields will be pre-populated when the data you mapped in the import corresponds with the fields in your selected template. 

    E.g. If you mapped your product titles under the Product Title attribute, these will be automatically parsed to the title attribute here in the export. 
  5. Static values are those which need the same value for all products.  
    E.g. Condition could be set to 'new' if all your listed products are brand new.
  6. Once you are totally happy with all the mappings of your export in the channel template, remember to click save mappings, and navigate to the Overview tab on the left-hand side.

    From here, under 'view export' on the right-hand side, you can claim the url of your new feed export, ready to be sent to the channel of your choice.